Wizard and Glass – The Dark Tower 4 Audiobook

1997 Wizard and Glass – The Dark Tower 4 Audiobook Stephen King DT4 read by Frank Muller (The Dark Tower, Book 4)

Wizard and Glass - The Dark Tower 4 Audiobook Free
Wizard and Glass – The Dark Tower 4 Audiobook


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Join me each week, Constant Reader, tackle the magnum opus of Stephen King’s career for the very first time. If you would like to talk about in general terms or talk about such sections, connect me by commenting here. When we last left our ka-tet, Roland had uttered the story of his test of manhood against Cort, and of his father finding him in the whorehouse. Steven Deschain says he is sending his son east, together with companions, to keep him protected from Marten. Wizard and Glass – The Dark Tower 4 Audiobook.

Wizard and Glass, “Susan”: Beneath the Kissing Moon, Section 1 We are back in the past today, using a decrepit old crone and her snake along with her mutant cat Musty, with a couple of extra legs growing out his side and a forked tail. There is a complete moon, or even a “Kissing Moon, as it was called in Full Earth.” Three people have left the girl’s home-actually, a two-room hut-on horseback. They called her “The Big Coffin Hunters,” and left some “marvel” with her for safekeeping they’ve warned her to not shed. The old crone doesn’t have much use for men, who she sees as “swaggering, belt-hitching” blowhard’s who attribute everything on women. The Old Crone believes of her night’s second piece of business. Stephen King Wizard and Glass – The Dark Tower 4 Audiobook Free.  That has to do with Thorin, Mayor of Hambry, that appears to have become enamored of a woman in city.

Old Crone has ordered the woman to walk into her home from town, which orders her some time to explore the “marvel” left by the Big Coffin Hunters, whose titles are Jonas (“the gimp”), Depape, and Reynolds. Since she’s some time before the girl arrives, she pulls out this marvel left from the Big Coffin Hunters. It’s kept in a hidden spot in the earthen floor beneath her mattress (which we’re confident is hidden in such a place that nobody without the touch could ever be able to find it). She pulls out an ironwood box, on top of which divides a “slender green snake,” whose title is Ermot, and she loves a wonderful little affectionate interlude with the snake where she “pokes the yellow, bad-smelling mat of her tongue” outside to catch some of his venom. Wizard and Glass DT4 Audiobook Download. The box is locked and Jonas had not left her with a key, but she has her own magic. We’re told she had “lived and analyzed much and trafficked with creatures that most guys would run from as though on fire they captured even the tiniest glimpse of them”.

In addition to the box is the shape of an eye and a motto at the Speech: “I see who opens me.” She decides it needs to be opened out, beneath the light of the Kissing Moon. What Continuous Reader Learns: Full Earth. First time we have seen reference to this. Not sure if it’s a place in and of itself, or if it’s the collective name for Mid-World, End-World, etc.. Old Crone, as I’ll call her until I have yet another name to use, is situated “beneath the Coos,” described as a ragged mountain situated five miles east of Hambry and ten miles south west of Eyebolt Canyon. So in the time of Old Crone-I’m assuming this is the area toward which young Roland of Gilead and his companions will be led-you will find mutant creatures and among the men, “a good many of these could shoot only odd, bent seed which produced youngsters fit only to be drowned at the closest well.” Wizard and Glass – The Dark Tower 4 Audiobook Stephen King.

So the moving this has advanced so far from Roland’s “Now” has already begun. Whether a cataclysmic event or from an overall degradation of time and space because of the Tower, I’m still not sure. Thorin is an interesting name, perhaps a nod toward Thorin Oakenshield, that headed the company of dwarves in Tolkien’s The Hobbit? So, why did the Big Coffin Hunters leave this valuable thing together with her for safekeeping? Ever since she’s “the touch” she is perhaps a witch of some type? Additionally, touching the box appears to maximize her senses. Even thinking of this mysterious marvel makes the Old Crone all hot and bothered-something that she doesn’t believe these days “in that place where her early bowlegs came together” (Which we must hear about a dozen occasions in excruciating detail. Sweet, SK, particularly after giving her an almost orgasmic experience with her six-legged, milky-eyed kitty. Gah!) Okay, finally, in the conclusion of the segment, we know Old Crone’s title is Rhea. Wizard and Glass, “Susan”. Wizard and Glass  Audio Book Free Download. Under the Kissing Moon, Section 2 Rhea takes the box into the highest aspect of the hill and, sounding quite Smeagol-ish, opens it. Rose-colored light spills outside, and (quite Smeagol-ish) she is jealous when Musty the cat gets too close to it, and swats him off.

She croons as she looks into the box, where there is a ring, uh, I mean, glass globe nestled in a velvet drawstring bag. The rosy light is arriving from the world, pulsing “such as the defeat of a heart that is fulfilled.” As she retains the planet upward, its light darkens to scarlet and falls on her. For a minute she appears young again. Then that fades and a picture of 3 riders is revealed in the planet. Initially, Rhea believes it’s the image of the Coffin Hunters who left the box with her, but she realizes they are younger. One, the one on the left, has a bird’s skull mounted on the pommel of the saddle. Then two of the riders fade away and she’s left looking at the one at the middle. Come east from the Inner Baronies, aye, possibly from Gilead itself!”. DT4 Wizard and Glass – The Dark Tower 4 Audiobook Stephen King. “He wasn’t among the previous People…yet she didn’t think he was of the Outer Arc, either.” Musty comes up and disrupts her vision, and once she’s kicked him away, she looks back and the picture of this youthful rider is gone as is the light. Now the glass world is simply a chunk of glass.

Until she can go inside, she hears a noise from the cart trail below, and it’s the girl, who has came early and is starring “Careless Love.” It is still not clear exactly what the relationship between the two is, although she has to remind herself not to “do anything too terrible” into the woman, who’s there because of Thorin the Mayor. Rhea passes her hands over the box lock, but it doesn’t lock back, and she has some pause again in the motto-“I see who unlocks me”-but she does not have time prior to the girl arrives to work together with the lock farther. She runs back to her hut to conceal it. What Continuous Reader Learns: Now, in addition to Total Earth, We’ve Got reference to Wide Earth. For whatever that’s worth. Ah…very intriguing that Rhea can hear a thinny from atop the hill, and she adores the noise, which she believes sounds like a lullabye. The thinny has “eaten its way into the far end of Eyebolt Canyon”. Wizard and Glass – The Dark Tower IV Audiobook.

Which makes the entire When and Where of this place as a possible destination for Roland up for grabs, seems to me. The people of Full Earth call the full moon the kissing moon because they believe they could observe a pair of kissing profiles at the skies, but Rhea knows that the only face in the moon is “the surface of the Demon; the face of death” Rhea is bothered by the sight of who we must assume is Roland from the glass, but she can’t see his eyes, and that she isn’t certain why he problems her. I can tell her ; as where Ro goes, mayhap there be violence. “Careless Love” is a fascinating song for the woman (Susan, I presume) to be singing. It is apparently a classic blues song from Kentucky early in the century, written about the tragic death of a young guy. (A love song edition of this had been penned in the 1920s called “Loveless Love”). The Dark Tower 4 Audiobook Wizard and Glass by Stephen King.  A bit of foreshadowing, perhaps? Rhea runs to the hut only to find her magical “hidey-hole” beneath the bed had shut itself up without the box. All of Rhea can do until the woman arrives would be to shove the box under the bed-which will do until “Susy Greengown” is gone.

What Continuous Reader Learns: Rhea refers to “Susy” as her “second appointment at that night,” the very first, I assume, being the three Coffin Hunters. Still no sense for what the relationship between the girls and Susan is. It sounds, with initial Rhea’s inability to relock the box, the warning in addition to it, and her inability to hide it again, that the box is acting contrary to her. What Constant Reader Learns: This section is merely long enough (two paragraphs) for me to congratulate myself in my insightfulness. Except that the importance of the ROSE-colored light didn’t happen to me earlier. Wizard and Glass – The Dark Tower 4 Audiobook Download. Susan Delgado-the woman-stops about forty yards from the hut belonging to the witch-Rhea of Coos-wondering if she had really seen the old woman running down the mountain. She is frightened to be outside in the moonlight, “if werewolves were said to drift,” and she’s fearful of the errand she’s running. She’s nervous enough that she has run a lot of the way from city, which explains why she came early. So clearly, there’s no previous relationship between Susan and Rhea. As she arrives at the hut, Rhea shouts for her to stop singing, and Susan stops, “abashed.” She’s wearing an apron over her second-best dress (she just has two, we’re told), and is creeped out if the “mutie” kitty comes outside and observes her with contempt before working off.

Susan tries to be friendly though the witch-and she somehow understands Rhea is a real witch and not a fraud-scares the bejesus out of her. Wizard and Glass – The Dark Tower 4 Audiobook. At precisely the same time beating her. Susan creates a justification for her premature arrival, stating her father (her “da,” for a bit of Celtic charm) would have said the moon got into her bloodstream. Rhea refers to him as “Pat Delgado” of their red beard and hair, dead five decades after being crushed by his own horse. Susan wants to shout in the crude description of her dad’s departure but neglects to do this before “this heartless old crow”. So Susan’s not only spontaneous, but she’s some backbone. “She had been Pat Delgado’s kid, daughter of the best drover to perform the Western Drop, and she remembered his face really well; she could climb to a stronger nature if needed.” Susan says she arrived in the desire of “My Lord Mayor of Mejis, and at that of my Aunt Cordelia.”

It is apparent as their one – upmanship continues that Susan is reluctantly being sent for her first amorous assignation in the hands of the mayor, and she hopes it to be “humiliating and debilitating”. Stephen King Wizard and Glass Audiobook The Dark Tower IV. Hoping to mend fences, Susan inquires Rhea if they can start over. Rhea touches her outstretched hand, and says, but “mayhap we’ll proceed better than we’ve started.” Rhea admits that Susan has a “powerful friend” from the Mayor and she has no desire to make an enemy of him. Rhea asks if Susan has some thing for her, and Susan reaches her apron for a little bag, which the witch opens to find two golden coins. While Rhea bites the coin to judge its validity, Susan appears behind her into the bedroom and sees a pink pulsing light coming out of a box under the bed. Rhea asks Susan to make a wood, tripping over the cat along the way.

What Continuous Reader Learns: Susan, who is only sixteen, is recognized as smarter than Rhea instantly-she realizes that if she stops singing, Rhea will know she was spotted. That is true, as Rhea decided Susan had not seen her exactly for that reason-she had not stopped singing. We are advised that Susan’s heart has always gone its own way without a lot of interest in what her head wants-so she is spontaneous, which I imagine will come to bear later on. Nice piece of power-testing one of the two girls, with Rhea attempting to gain the upper hand with her unkind description of Susan’s dad dying into the noise of his bones breaking, also Susan refusing to demonstrate emotion even though it hurts her. Wizard and Glass – The Dark Tower 4 Audiobook (Streaming Online). I would give Round You to Susan. Susan escapes the hut and captures a breath of fresh air before looking round the exterior of the house to get Rhea’s firewood. She goes to the wrong side, but glances from the witch’s bedroom, against her better judgment. The girl is on her knees, holding the drawstring pouch together with Susan’s gold pieces in her mouth while she reaches under the bed for the ironwood box.

As she pulls out, her face is flooded with pink light, and for an instant, Susan can see Rhea’s younger self. Rhea croons over the box several minutes before shutting it and with her matic to lock it. She uses her magical too to obtain the hiding spot from the earthen floor. At this point, Susan realizes she’s been watching too long and wants to discover the timber, therefore she hikes her skirt up to ensure Rhea won’t understand she’s been to that side of the house. She finds the wood and takes it inside.

Finally, the intent behind Susan’s visit is apparent. She’s there for the witch to confirm her virginity-“proving her honesty”-before the woman presents herself to Mayor Thorin for his pleasure and, perhaps, to tolerate the boy his wife has been unable to give him. Susan undresses and submits to some disgustingly comprehensive inspection that will do the TSA proud. Finally, after Rhea begins enjoying her inspection a bit too much, Susan informs her (following a little blustery threats) the mayor will be miserable if she is harmed. Stephen King Wizard and Glass – The Dark Tower IV Audiobook. If nothing else, Rhea is practical, so she eventually proclaims Susan “established,” and pulls out a pad upon which she composes “onnest”-honest-and makes a mark that seems vague pitchforkish, which will be her mark, “famous for six Baronies around, it is, and can not be copied.”

She tells Susan to reveal it to her aunt, but to not let her have it, then reveal it to Thorin. Before Susan can leave, Rhea catches her arm and tells her to notify the mayor that he is not to have her until Demon Moon climbs full from the sky-not until Fair Night, three months off, the final night of Reaping, after the bonfire. “When the flame in Green Heart burns low and the final of the red-handed guys are ashes. Susan’s quite pleased by this development since it waits her embarrassment. Ultimately, Rhea says they have one more piece of business, and she lifts a little silver medallion in front of Susan’s eyes, and the girl is instantly hypnotized. What Constant Reader Learns. Wizard and Glass – The Dark Tower 4 (DT4) Audiobook Free. Rhea was apparently a witch, so to speak, from childhood, as her younger version is observed by Susan as “a self-willed kid filled with cruelty.” We see Susan being equally impulsive (appearing in the pub) and clever (hiking her sleeves so it will not be evident to Rhea where she’s been, and creating the story about kneeling to pray when the witch stains dirt onto her knees).

She’s also only a bit naïve, as exhibited by her jolt when Rhea points out that the mayor might want a boy, but he wants sex with a pretty woman and when Susan gets pregnant that the mayor will take the son away from her and possess some daughter killed. Hm the old pad of newspaper Rhea brings out to write her note about Susan’s proving is stamped with “CITGO in early gold letters.” This is a later When in our planet or maybe a CITGO pad fell through the thinny. Who knows. Uh-oh. What’s this dreadful witch up to? Susan is sleeping on her feet, and Rhea is pleased with herself. Wizard and Glass – The Dark Tower 4 Audiobook.

She tells Susan to remember “from the deep cave where yer waking mind goes” to do something after the mayor takes her virginity. He is gont leave us hanging. That is setting up to be something really horrible that Roland and his buddies are riding into. That way, I will tell, because I am perceptive like that. But I am enjoying the flashback more than I thought I would.