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A year later, Amos Diggory turns up at Harry’s residence and asks him to utilize the time-turner to go back in time and conserve Cedric Diggory. Amos went round to your house from his treatment home when Harry kept rescheduling the meeting Amos maintained setting up. Harry declines because claiming he can not meddle with time. At the same time, Albus is secretly paying attention to the conversation up until he notices a woman that increases to him. She claims her name is Delphi and also asserts to be the niece and also carer of Amos. She apologises for her uncle who calls Harry cold prior to he yells for Delphi to assist him return home. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Download Audiobook by J. K. Rowling.
When the train gets to Hogwarts, the students participate in the Arranging ceremony. The Sorting Hat places Rose in Gryffindor, and both Scorpius and also Albus in Slytherin. Albus sits beside Scorpius at their table. However, Albus is buffooned by the other trainees for being a Potter in Slytherin as every Potter had actually been put in Gryffindor. He does not have a natural present for magic as well as struggles at his first flying lesson, where the other youngsters call him the “Slytherin Squib.”

It functions and also Harry and also Ginny analyze the message, collect Hermione, Ron and Draco as well as search for a means to help. Draco tells them his moms and dads have a secret time-turner far more innovative than the model their kids had.

Albus and Scorpius learn they have actually taken a trip to 30 October 1981 – the day before James and also Lily Potter were murdered. They think Delphi wants to kill Harry herself so the spell doesn’t rebound on Voldemort. They most likely to Godric’s Hollow and find James, Lily as well as Harry. They decide they need to tell everyone in the future what is occurring and also utilize Harry’s blanket to compose a message

The plan works and also the initial timeline returns. Teacher McGonagall is very upset with them and also the globe they had actually developed. Their moms and dads aren’t rather as upset as well as McGonagall advises them of the great risk the kids created. Harry later on goes to Albus in his dormitory and they begin to reconcile.

Professor Umbridge questions why Scorpius is still acting various. She informs him it is Voldemort Day and that he is a design pure-blooded student. When they part ways, she claims “For Voldemort and also Valour” while putting her hand on her heart as well as her wrists together. Scorpius finds he is a popular student at Hogwarts and also everybody wants to do his homework for him. He is called “the Scorpion King” and the women hope they will certainly get to be his date to the Blood Round.

The actual Voldemort then gets here to eliminate the Potters and also Delphi attempts to call him. Hermione as well as Draco stop her. Harry determines to remain and also see his moms and dads pass away in the hope it will bring closure as well as Albus remains with him. Hagrid after that appears to pick up Harry as a child to head to the Dursleys. They return to today, where Delphi is sent to Azkaban.

Snape informs Scorpius they need to go back in time and stop his various other self interfering with a Guard Charm. Nonetheless, when they have actually done so, Hermione, Ron as well as Snape get assaulted by Dementors. As Scorpius leaves, Snape tells Scorpius to tell Albus he is proud that he has his name.

Scorpius wakes Albus up in the middle of the night and also shows him the time-turner as well as recommends that they ruin it. It is exposed that he lied to everyone, stating that they lost the time-turner at the bottom of the Black Lake. Here A Place To Enjoy Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Audiobook Free. They go to the Owlery, where they had actually agreed to satisfy Delphi. She consents to assist damage it until she exposes her Augurey tattoo. Scorpius bears in mind the right-hand man witch of Voldemort had this check in the second alternating timeline as well as discovers it odd when Delphi claims her guardian was Euphemia Rowle, considering that the Rowles were recognized Fatality Eaters.

Harry, Ginny as well as Draco figure out their children have actually gone missing out on once again and that they were last sighted with Delphi. They likewise figure out Amos sent out the children owls and also go to talk to him. Amos denies sending out the owls although when they mention his niece, Delphi, Amos claims he actually does not have a niece. They go through Delphi’s area as well as figure out she believes she is the child of Voldemort. However, considering that they do not know where the youngsters went, they can only wait till they locate much more ideas.

At the same time, Harry has a dream which reveals Albus as well as Scorpius remain in the Forbidden Forest. As he, Ron as well as Ginny search, they satisfy the centaur Bane that tells them that a “dark cloud” haunts Albus. They discover the kids in the forest after they return from the past and also Albus is given the Hogwarts healthcare facility wing. While Albus sleeps, Harry speak with the portrait of Albus Dumbledore in the Headmaster’s office, that informs him to see Albus for that he is. He thinks Harry has placed unjust high expectations upon Albus.